Tuesday, March 03, 2009

now i'm here

now I'm here. back to Adelaide. back to business. back on track. back on back. back-pain (sakit belakang naik kapal terbang lame sgt). hahaha. betul, next time taknak dah beli tiket flight transit2 niee...penat seyhh..huhu..mcm orang2 tua plak.

oh yes, thanks to my 3rd sis, kakcikkaknor, and my youngest sis, Fatien sebab hntar saye kt klia sabtu tuee..and jugak to my best friend, ina..thanks for being there. you kinda made it easier for me to stay strong. that's why i didnt shed any tears. even i finally did when i got into the plane..hehe..and to my bestmate that managed to reach KLIA in a very fast way. mujur xterbey keto kelisa tue...wakaka..

anyway, i'm in third year now! and supposed to be my Final Year. see? how fast things can be that sometimes you dont realize it. i will have 3 lab sessions in a week. physiology(1) and immunology(2), sometimes it'll be just 2 lab sessions. depends. hmmm...and i've just got my new student card, and i think i like it! aha aha...i like it..aha aha i like it..hahaha..perasan weh!

Adelaide dah tak panas sgt. it's raining now. and i like when it's windy. best jer rase! hehe..

ma! i love you!! same kan muke kami? hehe

kaknor, ijah, adek and kakak jihah

thanks! thanks! thanks!

okehh...time to go. berdebar la plak rase nk jumpa David Saint (my supervisor for physiology final year project) jap lg...



adia_anarris said...

amie amie amie.
welcome back home!!
to myself as well!
balik nz lagi lama naek flight..
dah cramp segala bentuk anggota badan plus organ dalaman..huhu

Ina said...

hye dear!..act i yg struggle to stay strong.hehe..dpt c u kjp pn at least lega la jugak.berbaloi bgn awal gile, sbb i tenang smpai skang.huhu..:)

Ina said...

why??nape tak tenang??nape???tel me tel me!!

ami said...

huhu..xtenang dok teringat kt umah n org2 tershayanggg...huhu

Ina said...

oloh2..shian die rindu sume org..sbr2 sket lg nk grad! go girl!! heheh..pastu u blk, keje, kawen n kite g paris honeymoon ngn bestmate masing2.haha

Fadhlah said...
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