Wednesday, February 25, 2009

will always be

hehe. i really mean it. i really really really do. wherever i go, my heart WILL ALWAYS BE right here, my home sweet home. ohhh... you can imagine yourself, the atmosphere, the air, are all in right place. i wish i could stay home forever. only because of knowing that i have to get back to business again. oh yess...again..

This summer break has been giving me such a great time and of course giving me a chance to become much better person. it's been really great that i could actually tell myself, i really found myself being happy most of the time. the relationships. the money management. the vacations. the makan-makan(s). the meetings and hang-outs with friends. smuanya puas hati lah..hehe..and i wish that i could capture all the moments shared and cherished. (i think i almost did since i end up with tons of pictures). well, i'm grateful. Alhamdulillah. thank you Allah.

Aida, you are right about TIME. sometimes we end up being regret of not doing the thing that we've done much better. but hey, we may have some other times!! maybe we dont know about that. but Allah knows. have faith people!

thanks to all my family members and friends, my bestmate and everyone that has been part of my life. particularly, for making my holiday so meaningful. thank you! hohoho..tgh dok pikir date yang sesuai nk balik malaysia plak niee...hahahaa

ok, back to business. i'll be attending the 3rd year of my course this march. and i've been acting kinda cool about that. i'm in 3rd year now! and the challenges are,

  1. Microbiology/Immunology : Infection and Immunity (Biomedical Science)
  2. Physiology : Neurobiology

i wish i could do better. i pray that everything will go smooth and easy. i hope that i'll be much stronger this time. much more committed with my work. in mission of getting better. hahaha!! (there u go the laugh that u've been waiting for) ...such a spirit laa!! kite tgk laa!! ngeh3

tomorrow, 25th Feb, 4.45pm will be leaving Kota Bharu.
and this Saturday, 28Feb, 9.00am will be flying to Brisbane.
back to Adelaide, on Sunday 1st March.... semoga selamat smpai nnti..insyaAllahh..amiinnn..


p/s: u make me feel like home is where you are

p/s 2: saye tahu, saye berhutang tag ngan elly, kak wanee and abe mokhsin. will be responding to them soonnnnn!!! tunggggguuuuu!! hehe


Puloh said...

selamat g semula kak ami! :) bljr molek pasni...

adia_anarris said...

amie!! i really2 happy that i managed to see u in the airport just now..mesti dah sampai kan?
yup2..we have to have faith that He knows the best.
today u were leaving and soon, it's gonna be my turn plak..

pray u a safe,enjoyable trip.
see u very2 soon in adelaide!

[ a l i y a ] said...

amie,jangan sedih2 yerk,insyaallah kita berjumpa lagi,sayang bangat sama ami....gudluck in ur future there,ami jaga diri baik2 kat sana tau,papepun,all the best,buat yang terbaik,kami semua sokong ami..amieeeee...chaiyuk!!!