Friday, January 07, 2011


Siti Sarah Afni Binti Mohd Rawi

I still remember, when I first met her. We were both in Class of 1 Merah, Sek Keb Penambang. She had curly short hair but quite thick. and when I asked her name, she was proudly saying,

"Namo sayo Siti Sarah Afni binti Mohd Rawi. kat rumoh oghe panggil sayo adik. tapi awok tokleh panggil sayo adik. sebab ni sekoloh. keno panggil sarah"

That moment. It was the start of everything. the beginning of our friendship. She was a tough girl i should say, always a winner or super girl when it comes to having argument with boys. hehe. Sarah...sarah...

and she grew up as a very very very cheerful girl. In class, she never failed to make us laugh. sometimes, when she brought up some jokes, that were not even funny, but she still laughed herself out. and just because she laughed so loud, that all of us kept staring at her and eventually joined her as well. oh mannn. so silly ! Indeed, she was a funny person.

and when it came to emotional and heart-to-heart talk. she could become so soft-spoken, rubbing our backs whenever we needed someone to talk too, a shoulder to cry on. She cried too, just like we did. and of course, she always remind me that i am her best friend, and will always be. Whenever she texted me for hari raya wish, or birthday wish, she never failed to end the message with "I Love You soooo much Ami". Never failed.

May Allah give you rahmah and baraqah, Sarah. and Sarah, Yes, I love you sooooooo much ! Al-Fatihah to her.

Sarah, two from the left

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Adrina Adi said...

al fatihah. tumpang sedih :(

muda lagi orangnya. tp ye lar, maut tak kenal usia.

Capik said...

Memory of her will always remains in our heart..amin...T_T

najah hijriah said...

innalillah... moga ditempatkan dklgan org yg briman...die sakit ape ami??

Anonymous said...

again,my deepest condolence to her family and as well as to you. it's hard. I know. al-fatihah.

Ina said... crying now. gosh i miss her so much...