Sunday, January 02, 2011


Bye-bye 2010. Hello 2011.

dah laaaaame sangat nak update blog sbenarnya. and then, I have promised myself a few months ago, that I have to have to have to have to update blog on 1.1.11. Yes, relatively, it's just a number which has no meaning in it, until someone comes along and gives it a meaning or something happens and make it memorable and meaningful :) erkkk ! gapo dio aku dok bobe ni ?

Alritey. So I went to Kedah last week, for my best friend's wedding day, Ibtisam. and her hubby, Ariff. wow ! it sounds sooooo weird mentioning nama Arepp kat sini. ngeh3. Alor Setar was fun and treating me so well. the weather. the kenduri the people and Ib's family. everything. it was just perfect. cumaaa satu saja. cheq x reti nak habaq apa2 dalam bahasa kedah. either senyum or angguk2 or cakap KL je. hikhik.

and I was in KL for 3 days. oh my. unplanned memories are always the best. I know that. and that was the moment that I will always always remember. Exactly sangat betul. kite mungkin x tahu, perancangan Allah lagi hebat :D

Most importantly, I was sooooooooooooooooo HAPPY ! indeed !

And now, back to kelate, hari Isnin ni insyaAllah I will start working as a tutor. insyaAllah, may everything come easily, smoothly. Oh Allah, please make this thing easier for me, if I happen to face difficulties, please let me go through it with a strong heart. You know the best. Allahumma yasir, wala tuassir

tiba-tiba teringat Adelaide. Adelaide is in sizzling summer now i guess. summer in my heart lah sekarang saye nih. hahaha



rehan syazwani said...

wah2..jadi tutor mano tu cik ami? ;0 congrats!

Ahlami said...

tutor kat UMK ni jah rehan ! bleh laaa huduh2 dlu starting kijo :)

Anonymous said...

mak ude!knp xboleh nak gi blog kakak Najihah?