Monday, February 15, 2010

mane semangat ni...


i'm supposed to be reading my journal stuffs right now. but look what am i doing? blogging!!
haha. these past few days had been so easy for me to just sort of lingering around, doing nothing. literally.

a few days ago, my supervisor asked me how many papers have you read so far, and i was kinda reluctantly telling him i've only covered about 4 papers. and to me, that face from him was kinda surprised!! hahaha. ibtisam cakap supervisor dia expect utk bace journals at least two a day! and that's kinda suck...sob3.. T_T

i've called home a few times. haven't got that homesick feeling. at least not yet.

but, i feel like i'm kinda lost in my own world. takde semangat nak baca2 nih. takde semangat lagi. jadi, my semangat, where are you? hehehe. apekah?? cakap2 sndiri kat blog.

hmmmm...whatever it is, DON'T EVER LOSE HOPE! hilang semangat kejap xpe.

huhu. mcm nenek2 ni. sampai ke tua cari teman hidup. xputus asa!



ardinihumaira said...

ala... kita nikoh duo la kalu tak dop oghe mminey gak hehehe... :p

Ahlami said...

@ kak ilhami,

hahahha. mari la kak mie!! nati ami g masuk miney. hahaha

adLYNNa's said...

hahahha. lucu gmba tuh mi..selok aku suko...
ape yg penting???
dont ever lose hope!