Sunday, May 31, 2009

love me for me, or don't love me

oh..agk lame x update blog nie. i have a few reasons to back-up that though. so, no offense okieess. ok, I'm acting like you guys actually care about this. - bad opening, again!

Alhamdulillah, my sister, Kak Ngoh is getting better day by day. and i'm sure she'll recover by the time she gets back to work. caya lah kakngoh! u're very strong!

and now i'm feeling like the weight of the world that i've been carrying throughout all this semester is halved already. since all the written assignments are done and gone baby gone. yeay! clap2!! but i still have two presentations to go through. so...spread your wings and fly ahlami fly! tips for oral presentation = Don't forget to SMILE!! =)

hmm...hari minggu ni juga agk best, we've got to play sort of explorace. station yg paling best ialah station buat senaman. ohh...lame x buat sit-up. tapi, saye sgt bersemangat! finished all those in 9minutes! yeay! clap2 lagi! despite having soksek soksek selsema. hihi. Alhamdulillah. i'm getting better and getting there!

and i think this one is quite good. read or caught it from the lyrics i guess:

"Love me for me, or Don't Love me"

in my own definition - love is not about being someone that your partner wants you to be. erk..mcm kesian la plak! the truth is, it's more than that!!

updates about raya holiday this year. since we, adelaideans will be celebrating raya in our mid-semester break this september, ramai la pulak yang nak balik raye malaysia yer! hehe...yeah yeah yeah...same2 join club balik raye september nie yer.. and utk pengetahuan semua, Malaysia Airlines pon tgh dok wat SALE besar besaran tue! grab a deal! grab your chance! (harap2 dapat la discount sbb promote MAS nie..hehe)

okiess...mari kite dgr Keith Urban menyanyi. jarang2 leh tgk keith urban ngn piano...jiwang sket yer..hihi..

Keith Urban - Tonight I Wanna Cry



[-suziey-] said...

waaa camni confirm flite adelaide-mesia fully booked..ekek:D

a L i y a said...

huhu,ely pun nak kena booked awal2 la ni kan,nak jmpe amie n kwn2 yg len kat mesia

Anonymous said...

Amie, I've been flipping through ur blog just because there'll be lots of new musics that u put here n most of them suit my mood LOL so here comes another song that caresses my mind. I love piano anyway :)

Lagu kat belog kak Lyn pon best. Jai hoooo. haha.


Ahlami said...

kak suziey,
hahaha..lawak2..tue laa..penuh laa pahnie org pakat book tiket dtg adelaide..kih3..dtg mlwt ami laa..haha..perasannn

elly nie....bia betolll

ehh..terharu la plak ko ckp cmtu apis..huhu...tq2...nway, ko dh aktif blgspot eh...back to frenster blog eh..hehehe...
good2...mane2 pon aku bace aje blog mung tuh!! hehe

Anonymous said...

salam ak rasa ak dh mmg tutup blogspot. Khalas! haha. ak nak buat fotobelog. iA guna wordpress je. nak ltk gmbar je. tgk lar camner, ak ni hangat2 taik unta. bleh? haha. kat msia ni. yareeba andre andre.