Friday, February 22, 2013

Yuki 2013


Hi everyone.
I name this post as 'Yuki 2013' simply means 'Snow 2013' or in other words our winter experience in 2013. It's just a way of us remembering our winter moments, i year 2013, most of the time we're in Yonezawa.

It's been said repeatedly that winter i Yonezawa is so taihen (tiring). Yes it is. You really have to put big extra effort in handling the snow. It's not as simple as when it falls, and the snow will cover the land beautifully and we can start our snow play and so on. Simply no no. It's not as simple as that. And if you live in cold areas, the snow will just stay there, refusing to melt, and choosing to be in that snow-state depending on how long the cold temperature lasts. The snow will get solidified, become icy. And icy means slippery. You have to have that winter boots where the base are specially designed for walking on slippery surface in other words, icy snow.

Hehe and why on earth am i saying here? Hehe i just find that heavy snow as hard as situation of you getting into bad traffic. But let's just put that aside and enjoy this moment because after all, it's one of the best experience, isn't it? I know one day I will look at all those snow moment photos and be thankful that I've been through this. Been there, done that! Hehe. This is what we call blessing in disguise then.

Phewww again, this entry is getting tedious isn't it? Whooshh!

And I believe this entry is better if it comes with some photos uploading here. Hehehe. Enjoy!


P/s: Ada gambar khayra & ken hamza jugak atas yuki time diorang turun Yonezawa. And these photos semuanya kat Uesugi Jinja hari tu ada matsuri (festival)


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Maslina Yusak said...

Beautiful2 moment u have captured there love. Yes u will look back someday with no regrets. It just beautiful. The people, the moment, the joy the smile. Everything is just amazing :)

ADEEYA said...

cute nyaa geram tgk..