Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 months old :)

Hello again.
So roughly, it has been a month since my last update. Hmmm this blog has officially become monthly-updates, hasn't it? Hahaha! It's not that I don't have time to say something, but recently, I have been spending those time updating and checking on my instagram and twitter. Facebook is not an exception of course. So, I've been keeping this blog of mine in a mess and in abandon-state. In any chance, have you found any spider web here? Hahaha.

Oh anyway, to break off this abandon-state, let's say something about our little sugarcheeks turning 5 months old! Alhamdulillah! Again, how time flies so fast, doesn't it?

She can roll on her tummy now. But it seems she has not yet fully enjoyed that, because most of the time when she rolls on, her hands kinda locked up under her chest. Hehe so funny when she wanted to smile but at the same time was struggling with her own hands. But hey, that would count as a another milestone for Khayra! Clap clap to my girl! Hehe.

Well, here are some photos of her. The last photo was snapped yesterday, the day she turned 5 months old.


Pak Man said...

Ermmmmm, segar-bugar...........

Maslina Yusak said...

I found some dead insect here stuck on the web :p

Alif Adnan said...

when?can get second child