Saturday, April 13, 2013

My girl is 7 months old :)

Hi there!

My baby girl is 7 months old today.
In Nihongo, we say 7 as 'nana'. If in Malay Language, it is 'tujuh'. Hehe tu pon nak cakap kaaaa. Haha. Pon boleh kann

Anyway, Khayra is doing just great. She's been growing well and excellent. Two teeth are so visible now. In fact, she knows how to use of her teeth. She bitrs all her toys. And she can actually now eat her senbe by herself. One small bite, one by one, and let the senbe melts in her mouth first and swallow it, and apply another small bite on her senbe using her teeth. Kids just like us, Allah creates them, perfected with instincts finely. They know how to use their instincts. And I know it's sunnatullah :)

Oh 'senbe' is just 'crackers' :) and for khayra, she's been having just veggie:fish senbe recently :)



Saya Punye said...

dah besar dah khayra.. lama x jenguk sini.. :)

Aamirah said...

MasyaAllah. Big gurl heh Khayra :D I'm your big fan hehe.

☆♥L@dy @yU♥☆ said...

rindu khayra ketat2...
kawaii sgt