Saturday, June 16, 2012

25 years old me :)

Assalamualaikum, hi everyone !

I hope everyone here is having a good time, whether it is with your family, your friends, your spouse, or maybe on your own :)

It has been really a very long long time for this blog, since it was last updated. I feel sorry for neglecting this piece of mine that I have. Well, at least I still have it. Kalau la blog ni ada kaki, dah lama kan melarikan diri sebab owner dia take care pon pasal dia. Oghe kelate sebut, 'tok cagho'. Hehe 

Well, there's a reason  I have to really put up my best effort today, updating this blog, just because it is a yearly routine for me, to give out one entry on my birthday. So, here we go ! 

Alhamdulillah ! Allahuakbar ! Subhanallah ! These fingers of mine are still typing, are still working, this body of mine is still inhaling and exhaling air. Alhamdulillah. Tsumma Alhamdulillah. I am blessed with a loving husband, that really understands me. Love me as a wife and treat me as his best friend. Plus with growing family of mine. Anak sedara makin bertambah! 25 now, and still counting ! Alhamdulillah, for this tiny little creature in my belly that is growing healthily, inshaallah ! I am now 28 weeks pregnant. How can i be more grateful and thankful for this ? Thank you Ya Rabb !

This year marks me as a person who has been living for 25 years. Let us muhasabbah. What have I done rights, and what else have I done wrongs? All the rights should I be continue doing it, and the wrongs should I be concerned to avoid it, or improve it. Especially as a wife, and soon inshaAllah as a mother. There is a mixed feeling inside of me, thinking about being a mother. What kind of mother will I become ? Truthfully, I want to be a mother that will help bring my daughter closer to jannah, inshaAllah ! But first, it is me that has to be better day by day ! Oh Ya Rabb, help us, guide us !

Okay, I think enough with this clicking fingers typing for now. Will get myself to be more effective and efficient, to update this blog :)


Ps: Happy 25th Birthday Ahlami :)


sentebale-hk said...

happy birthday sis...

lynnaiza said...

waaa tahniah tahniah tahniah kak amee!dah nak dapat so happy. :)

happy belated birthday kak amee. ;)

FnF Simple Life said...

hepi befday ;)