Friday, November 12, 2010

What's the good ?

Alhamdulillah. My honours year has officially ended. from all the chaos to all the tears and laughters. joys and fun. we did embrace our experiences. I know all the patience and pain will be useful one day. heeeeeee. Alhamdulillah. Thank You Allah :)

8 more days before i go back to Malaysia. InsyaAllah :) Tiba2 rase sebak dengan setiap hari yang berlalu. balik nih, tak datang sini balik dah. the feeling is difference. excited but at the same time collide with rase sadness and berat hati. T_T plus pikir pasal all the memorable moments kat sini. sob3. adeihh emo terlebih !

Can you tell me, what's the good in good-bye ?

okeoke. nak cite pasal ape yer. oh yer. Ahlami tak siap and tak habis packing lg barang2 nih. barang2 nak shipping pon tak masukkan dalam kotak lagi. kotak dah ade. tapi x sempat nak mengemas lagi. sekarang pon Ibtisam dok kat dalam bilik Ahlami sebab bilik Ibtisam ade dua orang kawan dari Tasmania dok situ.

ermm ape lg yer. ape lg yer. udah2 la tuh. sila mengemas sekarang !


P/S. I don't care if the world is composed of billions of people, I still want you :P


me suya said...

back for good eyh kak ami..
welcome home :)

Capik said...

Selamat pulang ke Malaysia & berpacking2...:)

bintangbicara said...

When I was a kid, I suspected that I am an alien.

I, for once, love goodbyes. In it I find the beauty of starting over, in it I smell appreciation, in it I embrace the things that have happened, good or bad, joy or sad.

Love, Alien.

ardinihumaira said...

ami ngemas molek deh.. :D

pakd0 said...

jgn dilupa yer!!!

wak blk kengaru sek0r.. :p

fatien adibah said...

p/s mg tuh still jiwang disitu..muahahaa...yeah balek yeah!

Ahlami said...

Yer dik, back for good doh nie :(

tenkiu :)

Really well said that!I Agree!
In fact, if we don't know each other enough, we are all aliens, to each other.

Ahlami said...

kak ilhami;
thanks kak mi. nati Ami kelik kito dating deh ?

sekor jah ko ? keno wt balik 2 ekor. baru bleh wt bako !

jiwang ko? Allah knows the best! :)