Wednesday, April 07, 2010

that baby smell

ohhh i love the smell of new baby. or newborn babies.

they smell just so pure. and fresh.

hey, i'm saying this because to date, i have 11 nieces and 10 nephews altogether from my sisters and bro-in-laws. i kinda get used to baby cries, baby diapers, baby screaming, kids messing up my room yg dah memang kube lana tuh, kids running all the way from the kitchen to the tangga of the home sweet home (you really have to put all your attention when it comes to this), 16 year old teenager checking on your mobile phone for your boyfriend's picture probably, blah blah blah.

the eldest niece i have is 'Izzah, which is turning 18 this year. has just finished her o-level in Singapore (she is a singaporean since my sister is married to singaporean and decided to stay there).

and the youngest is of course, Nabil, was born on 11th March 2010, that marks his age now about 1 month old.

i haven't met Nabil. and as you know what i'm gonna say next, 'I just can't wait to meet him!!'

Assalamualaikum semua. My name is Nabil. am i cute? hihi

probably nabil's best skill, sleeping! hehe


p/s: entry anak sedara la plak! aiseyman


.cikfasya.(◕‿◕✿) said...


Sunshine said...

so cute~hehe...nabil ni anak sp ami?

fatien adibah said...

nabil memey juruh sungguh..:D

nanee said...

ooowwhh mr.nabil...ssoo soo ssoo cuteeeeeyy..hik..putis gebus sunggus..:)

nanee said...

sgt comeell hokeeyy!!!:)