Tuesday, April 13, 2010

moymoy palaboy


okay, most of you are probably very familiar with these two guys.

Moymoy Palaboy is a Filipino comic and singing duo known for their uploaded lip sync
videos in Youtube. The duo consists of the Obeso brothers, James Ronald and Rodfil. They are now GMA Network contract artists.

basically, i love all the videos from these guys. the expressions that they show could bring me laughing from the beginning till the end of the video. and notice the dance and moves they make! simple and easy to follow. dalam lecture kalau penat2 and bosan pon bleh jer exercise mcm nie..hahahaha...

okey. enjoy the video! this is just one of the video. try browsing and watching other videos too if you find it funny..hehehe..just for entertainment.. : )


ardinihumaira said...

jolo meme naka hehe.. segho nok kettukk pong ado suko kuat2 :p

Ina said...

oh haa i tau they all ni..i tgk they membuat perkara pelik dgn lagu ape ek..hm..wannabe spice girl kot..bengong..hahahaha