Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sometimes bad is good

i knew something bad would happen today. because today was like wrapped up with unfortunate events continuously. all over again. it all started from,

  • The moment i forgot to bring my wallet. and i just realized i didn't have my wallet with me when i was about to get into the bus. damn! no coins! no bus ticket! Cheeks turned red and all that plus needed to get back to my place and grabbed the wallet.

  • Consequently, guess what, i had to wait another 20minutes for the next bus to show up. since the bus was 5 minutes late. bad bad bad!

  • Fell again. which did not really hurt me, but embarrassed enough when there were about 10 people watching the unfortunate scene of me! was able to smile. still. fair enough.

  • And now, the lab scene. the rat was surprisingly giving reflex response when we stimulated it, which it should had not turned that way! we'd already injected it enough heparin and anaesthetic. miracle, might be? hehe..this part was funny though!

  • Joanna (my lab mate) and I splashed the solution since we did not put the gas source properly!

  • We did not calibrate the solution earlier, which giving time for the rat heart to die! die! die! hadoii...Julia(the phD student, we work with her) was getting to her boiling's point, getting mad at us. huh? what to do?

  • The solution was totally wrong! a way too wrong! we should add Magnesium Sulfate, but, blame Geordi(another lab mate) for giving me Manganese Sulfate! Finally i found that out by browsing again all the substances that we put. Thanks to ME! huk3..thanks to me!

  • But, pointless..we just killed the rat heart. so, jotted down 'Experiment Failed'. Signed off! hehe...

however, pointing all these out, makes me realize how much we need to learn. how much do we need to be aware of what we do. as far as you can go, as far as u need to put your concern on. at least there's gotta be something to learn. Alhamdulillah. ehehe. so, i decide, sometimes bad is good. learn from mistakes!

and I've decided, today is not really bad since i've just got some more pictures of Muaz! hehe..

and I also need to complete my assignment, due this Friday. and i haven't even started. not surprising. normal. enough said. hehehe


rindu Adek (dan ayam kenny rogers jgk..hehe)


fatien adibah said...

huhu..i miss you to0..!!n nk g makae kenny rogers ngn haz after exam nnt..hihih

Binjaie said...

agreed with the title...who knows?

Puloh said...

hehe..biasalah tu..bad day..ujian ni sokmo2 ado..tu hok best tu..ni gak asyk best jah tiap2 hr, boring jgk..xbest jgk...erm..mcm pelik jah bunyi ayat...

a'aah said...

fell again????
how old r u?

Ahlami said...

budik..mung jange wt aku jeles laa..jange sbut byk2 kenny rogers...salivation indeed! haha

yerp..who knows? only Allah knows the best for us!

erkk..agk brbelbelbelittt jgk laa ayt tue..huhu..tp xpo, message tu smpai..kak ami pehe..hahaha

ling a'ahh,
kaklingg!! dont u ever think about that! haha

Ina said...

dasyat nye u ahlami...n sempat lagi jatuh tu..nasib tak ape2..haih..yup, posotif thinking is good,things happened for reason kan..:)jom siapkan assgment ..huhu.miss u buddy!

Ahlami said...

yeah bebeh!! mari siapkan assignment yg maaanyaakk niee..hehe..xde la byk sgt...and yes..positive thinking indeed!