Friday, April 03, 2009

not SO everything

hi there again!

this week has been quite tough for me. i really felt like this week was not going to end. things are different now. I've been getting and analyzing and defining and interpreting a few things recently. let us see the list;

  • I've just officially changed my practical daybook into weekbook. since i was so lazy to write it down what we were doing in the lab. tapi, syukur sangat... sebab, masih ade org yg treat it as a monthbook..sape la agak nye tue..hahaaha..gelak evil

  • been doing a lot of faults in lab. salah wat dilution. salah buat solution. terjatuhkan tissue paper smpai jadi mcm red carpet la. almost bedah tikus orang lain punyer la. but the fact that i am not going to complain about it anymore really turns the spirit ON!

  • i bought a new purse/wallet and again, ibtisam found it for me. so, next time, i'll just let her know what i want to buy, and definitely, she'll help me finding it!

  • i was sooo in ma-abahsick mode now (same je la ngn homesick tue ahlami). but the fact that i'm trying to be so cool about that really makes me feel like a grown-up (laaa...xsedar diri lagi)

  • no time for novels! but desperately want to know what happened in 7th Heaven by James Patterson!

  • been so eager about baking and thinking about the not-so-profit of making it as a part-time business job. muahaha..kuat nyo koyaa!

  • been complaining about lalat and nyamuk lately. and sudah officially announced myself as anti-lalat dan anti-nyamuk!

  • thinking about kakjie's baby. cepat la beranok kakjie!! jgn bg besday baby tu same ngn besday fatien, 10 april! nti ami jeless..wakaka..oh yes, kakjie has just turned 29 on 29thmarch baru2 nie. so i made this for her,
dressing and final touch by miss ibtisam. hehe

  • And..tomorrow! yeay3x! i'll finally get to watch rugby match tomorrow! tomorrow! yeay3x!

  • so many works to do, so little time we have. tapi, ape yang penting? keberkatan..

  • in love with Kris Allen! hehe. nok jugop tue la!

that's all! been missing everyone lately! oh..oh..ohh..


p/s: understanding and tolerance breaks and shatters the silence. that's the best part of it
p/s 2: true genius do not fulfill expectations, they shatter it..hmm...


[ a l i y a ] said...

wahh,bestnye amie,cupcake tu,bile ely leh rase?pnh dah rase,tp make it for me plse...(merintih nih_,tak aci,hehehee

iena hamdi said...

wah.. cantik nye cc tuh... nak sikit..

sian dia jauh yer.. tak per belajar rajin2 tau

Fadhlah said...


Ahlami said...

hoho..tue laa..hari tu jer elly pernah makan cupcakes ami..xpe2..still got time, nti kite wt cupcakes same2..lukis muke elly atas cupcake tue..ahaha

kak iena,
xcantik pon ami wat nie kak..huhu.kak iena punye lg comey! hehe..thanks..sntiasa bersabar..hehe


alexi, xjamin la ado rupo ko dop lagi cupcakes tu bilo sapa shah alam