Sunday, August 17, 2008


last nite i had a chat with my sister, kakja. we talked about quite a few things.
but not really that quite. hehe... we tried our best to avoid those mengumpat things and all that. i repeat..our best...hehe
and we talked about abah.
yes... and we agreed and will always do that abah is really a cool person.
he's the coolest man i've ever known.

and yeah... he doesn't like making or seeing simple things as complicated.
he always believe that there would always be a solution for a problem. or maybe multiple solutions. and yeah, the fact that he doesn't make simple things complicated just make his everyday life as simple as it can be. he loves simple cake such as MARBLE CAKE with no toppings. no decorations and such.
and whenever it comes to his daughters and son's long as there is Akad Nikah and Kenduri Kawin, the rest shouldn't give him any problem at know..such as majlis pertunangan and all that...tapi..
klu nk buat pn abah OKAY aje..
and abah will always let his children decide in almost every single thing..
from going to camping to choosing a course in university.
and he's not choosy and always loves my ma's cooking.
and sometimes i can say that he knows almost everything in general.
from sports, politics, entertainment and all that.
i wrote an entry about abah in my previous blog. check it out..

sebenarnya, saye rindu kat abah saye nie..sebab tue tulis pasal abah nie.. haiyo0o0o...

abah berehi benar la kait woh nyor. sbb dia pon suke minum air nyor.
and i think it is his favourite drink. and MINE too...hehe..
hari may 2008, tahun ni laa...nasib xbaik..tgh syok dok kait buah kelapa tuee..last2 kelapa tue..jatuh ats tangan abah..and patah laa tgn abahku..almost 2months kena simen..abah2..but he's strong..i know..hehe

anyway, this video was recorded during last banjir in december 2007. tgk lahh...time banjir pon smpt lg kait woh nyor...hehee...


Ami is missing abah....


Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

owh...senget la ahlami nie....sakit tekok2 tahu....

tak pyah lagi la I ulas..pasal entry ni,I dah ulas banyok doh smale kam? hehehe....miss abah too!

Tinta Penaku said...

ahaha. lawak la abah ko, banjir2 pun sempat lg tu. alahai, woh nyorr~ byk khasiat tu. omgh~ hehe. bereh, jgn rindu2, rindu kalu call la abah mung.

mcLYNN said...

igt bday abah...
kelik la amie klo rindu gaks...

NikNor said...

yup,.. ayoh mat memang cool! Semua benda ayoh mat tahu,.. apa tidaknyer.. anak menantu ayoh mat level international punye..heheee

ise3339 said...

missing abah, all my siblings..sumer dok jauh..eh2, actually aku yg dok jauh..isk2 sedih pulok..ahlami la nih, wat kak tie jadi homesick jgk..tua2 pun bleh homesick jgk tau!!..miss u too sis..