Saturday, February 28, 2015

Giving birth in Japan - The procedure


So once you know you are pregnant by  using home pregnancy test, you can go to any maternity private hospital or general (government) hospital to confirm your pregnancy. The hospital then will provide an official letter for you to bring to the city hall. The city hall then will register you in the list of women that are going to give birth in Japan. They will also give you coupon and new maternity book for your check-ups and all the details aboit your pregnancy will be written in the book. The importance of this registration in city hall is for us to receive the fund from the Japan government, about 420,000¥, about RM13,000 (today's currency) to bear the cost of giving birth in Japan. If your husband works in Japan, depending on the company, usually the company will also give you money to bear the cost. In my case, my husband's company gives us 200,000¥, which is about RM6000. So in total we will be getting 620,000¥ (About RM19,000). 

Fuh, imagine kalau bersalin kat Malaysia tu dah berapa kali boleh beranak dah kat prince court tu. Hehe. 

Alhamdulillah, I can say that in terms of health and giving birth here, Japan has to win it. I don't know if i haven't heard if any county in this world would give that high amount of money for parents to have a child. 

So here is the maternity book (right) And the coupons(left) provided here are used for every check-ups. 

Ok. Will update in the next entry soon. InshaAllah 

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