Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Tomino San in Malaysia :)

Tomino san is my hubby's friend. He knew her when he was a student, he used to work part-time at the post office nearby. From that day, they became good friends and until now, she is like our mother/auntie to us. She is 62 years old and still healthy and active. She came to Malaysia all alone just to attend my sister in law's wedding day. She's so kind-hearted and friendly even Khayra loves her too.

Tomino san looked so Malay-ish in that baju kurung and scarf that I can swear people would not know that she is Japanese. Tomino san, we wish you the very best of life, may your life filled with happiness and luck. Itsumo arigatou gozaimasu. Mata ne. Aisha chan said, mata asobo ne! :) 

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syazwani sulong said...

betol la kak. 1st tgok gmbo tu memang xcam ade japanese kat situ.. :)