Thursday, September 12, 2013

Khayra is 1 year old!

It was only 12 months ago when we welcomed our first bundle of joy, Aisha Khayra binti Faiz Adi Ezarudin into our life! 

I can still remember clearly the first cry from her, it was so loud and energetic. All the pain I endured for 36 hours gone straight away. Well this is probably one of the meaning of mother's love to her child. Unconditional, unlimited and so pure. 

Aisha Khayra, born on 11th september 2012. Weighted 3.856kg and 54cm long. 

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allahuakbar. 

Ever dearest Khayra, ummi ayah doakan moga khayra grow up to become solehah girl, tak tinggal solat and have good akhlak like Rasulullah SAW. May you grow up healthily and happily and become such a clever muslimah. Our qurratul ain, inshaallah. Ameen! 

Nanti weekend or any public holiday kita buat birthday party okay, and ask our friends to join us. InshaAllah. 

P/s: I actually wanted to write about Khayra's birth story, and my first labor experience but I think I want to save that in the next entry, inshaAllah (promise that I will try my best!) 

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アヌム said...

salam kenal :) selalu singgah baca sini n tgk ig khyra.comeyy sgtt.geramm hihi..btw otanjoubi omedetou khayra chan :) mantain comey sokmo dehh..