Wednesday, July 10, 2013

She is 10 months old today!


Today is day 2 of Ramadhan!
Alhamdulillah, we are given a chance to meet Ramadhan again this year. Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb! We love Ramadhan. It's a month of blessing, full with rahmah! We want to grab as many pahala as we can in this holy month! Oh Allah, make it easy for us. Ameen! 

Anyway, today also marks the age of my little girl as of being a 10 months old girl. She's so active nowadays, and sometimes knows how to be choosy and cranky. She knows what she wants to play, and which toys she dislikes. Getting cleverer and cheekier day by day! 

She has 6 teeth now. 4 upper teeth, 2 lower teeth. Looking good so far! Been trying to 'wean' off from her pacifier, but she seems to love it. Especially when being outside, meeting stranger, she wants her pacifier to soothe her down, keep her calm. Oh well maybe that is why the name soother was invented back then. Haha. But soon, yeah soon, we want to teach her to be confident without the pacifier. Go Khayra go! 

First step? Not yet! But getting into it soon i guess? Her Ayah getting all excited every morning he will bring her outside for light walking, near the house. Hold her hands tight, and let her walk, with our help. That seems to work. She loves it so much but we usually end up with back pain because we need to lower ourselves down to help her walk. Haha. Oh well, as the oldies always say, let it be, just natural. Don't force. She will know how and when :) 

We will be going back to Malaysia for raya holiday on 3rd of August, till 16th of august. InshaAllah. Praying hard that khayra will behave throughout the journey, especially in the flights, both tokyo-kl-kb, and kb-kl-tokyo. Please make it easy for us ya Allah. Ameen :) and also may we have a blessed and baraqah raya experience. And khayra will not be having too much of stranger's anxiety/separation anxiety. Sikit sikit boleh laa anakanda yer. Penat ummi nanti. Huhu. We hope she will be friendly and warm to her cousins, aunties and uncles. Inshaallah. Ameen! 

Oh! Such a long entry! Well, cause it's really been a while i haven't said anything casual in this blog. All formal and monthly updates only. So boring, isn't it? Hehe. Alritey, see you next time inshaAllah. 

Her favourite, inai inai baa! (Ciku cak!)

We've made it! Movie time with monsters! Khayra behaved throughout the movie! Alhamdulillah! 

My cheeky girl!

Aisha Khayra ;)