Thursday, December 10, 2009

i should have said

i should have said something lately or write something to this blog.
why? because it seems like i don't really have anything to do so far while waiting for the day to balik kampung. and the internet is now back to fast speed! yeehaa! i love that!
and there are a few interesting stories that i would really love to share out here.

so, here it goes. now i really am.

but but but. i think i always have a problem telling you guys some sort of stories that don't come out with some pictures to show. lalalala. i'm not so good in words. so, to make you people notice or getting addressed with my stories, that is why i always put up some pictures. haha. what am i talking here. but REALLY...i'm not a good writer. neither a good story teller. especially in writing! that is why i prefer more meeting, hanging out with friends when it comes to socializing, sharing some good old or new stories, experiences.

so, the point is, i'll get back to here later, with the stories i have right now, PLUS with some good pictures! da da da dum dum da da da da~~~

can't wait to get back home! 7 more days!



bintangbicara said...

i communicate better with an empty screen and words than having 2 strangers front-to-front.

i think words understand me the best. or is it just me yang tak faham humanity.

ardinihumaira said...

Hehe lucu la ami ni. Ok jer ayat2 cinta ami tu seronok d baca. Type je. Jgn malu silu :p selamat menunggu kelik qlate yer ami. Miz u!

Ahlami said...


u are a wayyy better than i am when it comes to writing. that is so obvious. hehe. and i love reading yours, 'cause i thought it's different and comes from ur heart, but it seems like someone had gone with a bad idea copying them. suck, isn't it?

Ahlami said...

kak ilhami,

aik? ayat2 cinta mane plak ni kak mi? hehehe...kak mi la hebat tulis puitis2 nie..kih3..