Sunday, November 29, 2009

updates - raya haji and graduated!

so, yesterday was raya haji here. even though also heard that some states are celebrating raya haji today. which was kinda weird. i thought all people staying in the same country would celebrate raya on the same day. well, raya is raya and just raya. mane2 hari pon xkesah. janji x buat raye sendiri sudah...=p

this is my first time celebrating raya haji here. and i admit that everything is different. compared to kampung. my kampung. back in my hometown, kota bharu. nothing compares to that. nothing.oh well, do you expect all residents here, where i'm currently staying now, would be gathered and find a cow to be slaughtered? haha. of course not! i do not! hehe.

but..but..there's a but here. hehe. mesti lah pegi semayang raye. of course. we've got here if i'm not mistaken, 3 mosque(s). and s0metimes the raya prayer's time for each mosque is different to one another. Khalil Mosque start smyg pkul 8.30. Wandana Mosque kol 7.30 lagi dh start.yer la. kan subuh pkul 4.15am..hehehe..hey people, we're heading towards summer!

jadi, pegi smyg raye haji je la kt masjid. and then guess what we did next? shopping kat arndale!! hahaha..ade la shopping something....syyhh...

pastu pegi open house umh kak nadia and kak alin. complete! called it a-day!

so, raya here, NO Lembu(s), NO edar-edar daging, NO makan-daging-bakar-fresh-cicah-with-sos-yang-dibuat-sendiri-campur-campur-aje, NO bau-busuk-perut-lembu, NO main-main-with-kepala-lembu, NO daging-goreng-fresh-yg-ma-buat, NO playing with and baby-sitting my monsters and blossoms, NO gossips with my sis, fatien and gossips with my cousins, Kuchik and C-pah, and NO NO NO. hehe. i guess atmosphere is different. but i'm glad that i've made it!! survived!

but this one had really made my day!Alhamdulilah..i have COMPLETED my degree, BACHELOR of BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE (Immunology and Physiology)!! the result came out yesteday, Alhamdulillah. semua nya lepas. syukur syukur syukur! akhirnya saye ade ijazah!! after 3 years of this great battle. wakaka. koya battle la plop. soooo...What's Next??? || ^_^ ||



~~~lYnNLuV~~~ said...

slm k.ami..
congrateee yaaa!!
u alredy got ur degree!
so..wats ur plan??

Ahlami said...

salam lynn..

terima kasih!! =)
my plan..hehe..xtau lg..
hjt nk smbung blaja..
insyaAllah...doakan yer..

rehan syazwani said...

c0ngrats cik ami! ;)

fatien adibah said...

congratulationss!!.....rindu sama kamuuu!!:D

miashaf said...

Tahniah Ami...